Despite Hurricane Sandy, The Show Must Go On

As Hurricane Sandy barrelled down on New York City, many of the late night comics could not do their shows, while others taped to no audience. INSIDE EDITION has the story. 

 David Letterman was on his own as he strode out Monday night and delivered his monologue to an empty studio.

Letterman said, "We have no studio audience, but by God we do have quite a show for you tonight! So thank you for joining us!" 

The show went on despite Hurricane Sandy bearing down on New York City. 

Letterman said, "Because of safety we couldn't have 500 people getting out just as the hurricane was hitting and that wouldn't be a good idea."  

Most of the staff couldn't get to work, so Letterman’s nightly Top 10 list was introduced by Denzel Washington. Washington braved the storm and made his way into the Ed Sullivan Theater in a rain slicker. 

Almost all the other New York based late night shows were shut down by Hurricane Sandy. From Jon Stewart to Stephen Colbert to Jimmy Kimmel, whose Los Angeles based show was supposed to spend the entire week broadcasting from his hometown of Brooklyn.

Jimmy Fallon went ahead with his broadcast, but also did without a studio audience.

Jay Leno was safe and dry on the West Coast and found the lighter side of “Frankenstorm.”

The cast of Dancing with the Stars said their thoughts were with their loved ones in the hurricane's path.

Regular folks who found themselves trapped by the hurricane found their own sources of comedy by posting spoofs all over the internet. 

One was of Hurricane “Sandy,” spoofing Olivia Newton John's character Sandy from the movie Grease.

Another spoof was of a photo of the Titanic pulling into to a flooded New York City subway. And another photo really says it all, it's Lady Liberty with her skirt blowing in the wind.