Devastation on the Jersey Shore

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the once bustling and thriving Jersey Shore now resembles a strip of ghost towns. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The amusement park rides once echoed with laughter. Now, they are just twisted metal. The Jersey Shore's famous Seaside Heights has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

The boardwalk has been ripped away. The roller coaster is just a skeleton of metal, teetering over the Atlantic Ocean.

The amusement park was made famous by the TV show, Jersey Shore. The cast rode rollercoaster’s and other rides which are now a heap of metal.

Bruce Springsteen sang about Seaside Heights in a 1980 hit. The song's name was, of all things, “Sandy.”

Now it is gone, and it's not just the rides. Thousands of homes along the Jersey Shore are under water.  

Governor Chris Christie could barely contain his emotion as he spoke about the loss.

"The Jersey Shore of my youth, it is gone. No question of my mind, we will rebuild it, but it won't be the same," said Christie.

ABC's Terry Moran took a boat ride along flooded streets to reach stranded residents who refused to evacuate ahead of the storm.

One city was virtually buried under a blanket of sand dumped by the storm. You can see bulldozers ploughing through the streets.  

Jersey Shore star J-Woww appeared on The Tonight Show and brought a photo of her boyfriend trying to reach his flooded Jersey Shore home by Jet Ski.

“I fell in love with the Jersey Shore so much, I moved there. It tears at my heart,” said J-Woww.