Country Music's Big Night Reflects on Hurricane Sandy

While country music celebrated a big night of stars and awards at the CMA's, the devastation of Hurricane Sandy was on everyone's mind. INSIDE EDITION has the latest from the red carpet.

Country Music Awards co-host Carrie Underwood took a moment to remember those in Hurricane Sandy's path.

Underwood said, "To everyone on the East Coast coping with so much tonight, we want you to know that we love you and our thoughts are with you. Country music has always lifted people up during tough times."

On the red carpet in Nashville at the CMA’s the country singers were quick to express their concern for those affected by the storm.

Hayden Panettiere said, "My heart is with them, New Yorkers, people on the East Coast. East Coasters are just tough, they will pull through this."

Kellie Pickler, sporting a new buzzcut, was also thinking of those struggling on the East Coast.

Pickler told INSIDE EDITION, “My thoughts and prayers are with everyone there."

Martina McBride had supportive words and said, "I am so heartbroken and it is so devastating to watch."

The night had some light-hearted moments. Brad Paisley and Underwood doing Gangnam Style dance moves.

Country cutie Taylor Swift looked beautiful in a red floral gown with matching red lipstick. She was up for three awards, including “Entertainer of the Year,” but was shut out. It was her first public appearance since breaking up with Ethel Kennedy’s grandson, young Conor Kennedy and she took some teasing about it.

Paisley joked, "The greatest trade of the year had to be the Kennedy family who somehow traded Arnold Schwarzenegger for Taylor Swift."

Back in New York, INSIDE EDITION caught up with the Today show’s Matt Lauer who's gearing up to host a telethon Friday night to raise money for  victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Lauer said, "We thought it was most important to people who had a real connection to the area. We wanted locals. Sting lives in New York City. Billy Joel is synonymous with New York. Steven Tyler was born in New York City."

Lauer said he personally made some of the calls to book the show.

He said, "The first call I made was to Jon Bon Jovi, ‘cause he's synonymous with New Jersey a devastated area as anybody and he said 'Yes' before I can even finish the question. Bruce Springsteen jumped right in after that and said 'Yes,' and then it was a matter of just making phone calls and everybody wanted to help."