Kelly and Michael Celebrate Halloween A Week Late

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan celebrated Halloween and dressed up as famous pop culture characters and help raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims. INSIDE EDITION was behind-the-scenes and spoke to the co-hosts.

Kelly & Michael had their Halloween show—a week late.

The co-hosts opened their show as Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green from The Voice.  

At Live with Kelly and Michael, they finally had their Halloween show, but the storm was front and center on everyone's mind.

Kelly is from New Jersey and said she's heartbroken and wanted to do what she could to help.

She told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander, “How can we bring a little levity to our show and at the same time, raise money.”

The show doubled as a telethon as Kelly and Michael dressed up in a bunch of costumes, from Jay-Z and Beyoncé, to Michael doing his best Oprah impression, interviewing Kelly as the Long Island Medium. Kelly also transformed into the notorious mom obsessed with tanning.

But the real kicker was Kelly as Honey Boo Boo. The dynamic morning duo also channeled American Idol hosts Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson.

It was Michael's first Halloween as co-host. He told Alexander, "It was great. Watching Kelly do it in the past and watching her do what she did and everyone that was on the show, I am just trying to keep up."