Residents Defend Themselves Against Looters

The devastation of Hurricane Sandy was bad enough, and now residents are forced to defend themselves against looters in any way they can. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Fear is sweeping neighborhoods devastated by superstorm Sandy.

On one street hit hard by the storm, a sign warns: Looters Will Be Crucified. God Help You.

People are vowing to defend what's left of their homes any way they have to.

Adam Sands says he plans to protect his property with get this a bow and arrow.

Sands told INSIDE EDITION, "When it comes down to it, yes you defend your family, you defend your home. This will do the trick. That's all. Or at least it will keep somebody at bay."

Ellen Sautner and boyfriend Michael Quinn stand guard over their home, with a dog named Scarlet and an axe.

"If they took a step forward and I had to swing it I would swing it. I will do whatever I have to to protect my children," said Sautner.

There has already been looting in the section of New York where they live, but most people are pulling together, sharing what they have. Volunteers are handing out much needed basic supplies and the clean-up has already begun.    

But when night falls, terror returns. One sign warns: We Shoot Looters.

"When night falls here, it's very, very dangerous," one resident told INSIDE EDITION.

Some folks are at the breaking point. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg got an earful from citizens who are frustrated after living in the wreckage of their homes without heat or light for more than a week.

But there are signs that life is slowly getting back to normal. Most public schools re-opened Monday and public transportation is running again.

Actor Liev Schreiber was seen beating the cold by carrying precious fire logs to his New York apartment which had suffered a power outage like the rest of downtown Manhattan.

The cover of the new issue of New York Magazine out today shows how Lower Manhattan looked when it was thrust into darkness while the rest of the city was bathed in light. It was shot from a helicopter a mile above the city.