How Would The World Vote?

Voters around the world were surveyed and INSIDE EDITION has the scoop on which country would vote for which candidate.

Voters in 22 countries were surveyed. In 20 of those nations, Obama would beat Mitt Romney.

In China, Obama is favored by a three-to-one margin over Romney.

The most pro-Obama country is France. The president is preferred by 72% of French voters, compared to just 2% who favor Romney.

Canada would give it 66% to Obama, and 9% to Romney. In the United Kingdom, it's Obama 65% to 7% Romney.

So which countries would Romney win?

Pakistan, where American drone attacks have caused widespread anti-U.S. sentiments, and Israel, where Romney's margin would be 57% to 22% for Obama.

By Tuesday night, we'll know how U.S. Voters feel.