2012 Presidential Election Is One To Remember

It's been a long campaign and INSIDE EDITION looks back at some of the more memorable moments from the 2012 election.

They are the moments we'll never forget from the 2012 presidential campaign.

The debates—from President Obama's low-key first debate—to Mitt Romney's quotable quotes, like his Big Bird comment and when he said, "They brought us whole binders full of women."

There was Clint Eastwood's empty chair bit at the Republican National Convention.

Bill Clinton's fiery words at the Democratic National Convention.

And Donald Trump's YouTube challenge when he offered to donate money if the president released his college application and transcripts.

That was followed by Barbara Walters blasting Trump on The View, saying, "Stop it! Get off it Donald!"

A chuckling Joe Biden going toe-to-toe with Paul Ryan in the Vice Presidential debate when he said to Ryan, "Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy?"
There was the moment when a pizza shop owner lifted the president off the floor.

And another restaurant owner trying to wipe off Romney's mouth.

And remember Texas Governor Rick Perry's brain freeze during a Republican primary debate, when his response ended up being, "Oops."

There was Herman Cain's sexual harrassment implosion.

We were charmed by the candidate's families. From Romney's grandchildren romping at the GOP convention in a sea of balloons, to Sasha and Malia listening to their dad speak at the Democratic convention.

Then there were the wives—class all the way. What they wore often drew more attention than what they said.  Ann Romney drew heat for a hand-painted bird blouse she wore, and both she and Michelle Obama wore pink to the second debate.

And there were some special moments just for INSIDE EDITION viewers. Deborah Norville spoke to Michelle Obama and asked, "Did you get a little misty-eyed when you were working on this?"

"Oh yes, definitely," said the first lady.

The president spoke to INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd and said, "INSIDE EDITION is a really popular show, and regardless of who you're voting for, make sure to vote because that's how your voice is heard."

And just about every day during this historic presidential campaign, the late night comics had the last word, mocking both candidates with everything from debate jokes to editing videos of Mitt Romney doing the Gangnam Style dance.