Voting Begins As Campaigning Continues In Close Election

Voters started showing up at the crack of dawn and reports surface of long lines and even some voting irregularities. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Tears streaked down the face of the president at his final rally of this extraordinary campaign, and Ann Romney wept at a campaign rally in New Hampshire last night.

Even as voting began, campaigning continued Tuesday. The president worked the phones himself at a Get-Out-The-Vote phone bank in Chicago. 

There were long lines at polling places across the nation, and in Staten Island, New York, some voted by flashlight in neighborhoods still without power in the wake of superstorm Sandy.

There were reports of voting irregularities. A YouTube video shows a voting machine in central Pennsylvania which appears to record a Romney vote even when the Obama button was pressed.

A polling place in a Philadelphia school had a huge Obama mural on the wall, an election day no-no. A judge ordered the mural to be covered up.

And meet the teenager who may be the last undecided voter in America.