Get a Mansion for Half-Price

INSIDE EDITION reports on prices being slashed in half for mansions that had gone into foreclosure.

They are stunning multi-million dollar mansions just minutes from the Las Vegas strip, once home to millionaires. They're now in foreclosure, slashed to a fraction of their worth and one enterprising realtor has found a surprising new way to get them sold.

One mansion built just two years ago has never been lived in. The original asking price of $9.2 million has been slashed in half to $4.6 million!

The front door opens into a massive foyer with a spectacular chandelier and spiral staircase. The kitchen is huge and the bathrooms are wall-to-wall marble.

The realtor is so eager to sell, get this, he's flying prospective buyers in on a private jet to check out the properties.

Realtor Ken Lowman of Luxury Homes of Las Vegas says, "It's easier for me to get them to drop whatever they're doing and fly here for four or five hous and be home for dinner."

Another foreclosed mansion has been reduced from $10 million to $6 million, almost half price. It's got a fully equiped gym, a billiard room, and it comes furnished.

One stunning home has been cut from $6.2 million to just $4.9 million. It has a pool and movie theater! It also has a ten car garage.

But why would a millionaire consider buying a foreclosed home? It turns out they're just like the rest of us. Everybody wants a deal.