What's Next For Ann Romney?

Now that her husband will not be Commander-in-Chief, INSIDE EDITION looks at what the future may hold for Ann Romney.

Ann Romney looked exhausted as she took to the stage with her husband Tuesday night to thank their loyal supporters.

The strain was evident in her face and, according to insiders, Mitt Romney’s better half has had enough of life in politics.

During ABC’s election coverage, Barbara Walters said, "Mrs. Romney has said, 'This is it.' If her husband loses, no more politics, she is tired."

Romney was clearly devastated by the loss of his White House dream.

Matt Viser of The Boston Globe told INSIDE EDITION, "For six years, he has dedicated toward this singular goal of winning the White House and now that dream is gone."

And what does the future hold for Ann Romney, now that she won’t be our first lady?

Visersaid, "It has been a long journey for Ann Romney. She has talked several times how hard this is."

At 63, Ann Romney has been battling Multiple Sclerosis and the hard campaign could lead to a relapse.

Walters said, "A few days ago, she looked like she was limping because she still has fatigue from Multiple Sclerosis."

But her spirit remains strong and we have surely not heard the last from Ann Romney.

Viser said, "She really captured people. She really had a naturalness on the campaign trail. People were genuinely touched by her."