Former Miss Teen USA Contestant Rehabilitates After Brutal Dog Attack

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Taylor Hubbard, a Miss Teen USA finalist whose face was brutally attacked by a dog.

A beautiful girl's face was torn apart, but this is not just any girl, her face is her fortune.

She was a finalist in the Miss Teen USA pageant. In the blink of an eye, Taylor Hubbard’s beautiful face was torn apart after a Siberian Husky sank its razor sharp teeth into her face.

Taylor told INSIDE EDITION, “My mouth was literally split open on both sides.”

It happened on what began as a magical evening for Taylor. She had just attended her junior prom. Then, at a post-prom house party with a bunch of friends, she encountered the husky.

Taylor told INSIDE EDITION what happened next, “I was right in his face, I was petting on his ear. He reared back I didn't have time to move.”

Suddenly, the dog attacked.

“It had his mouth on my mouth, shaking my head like a little toy,” she said.

Taylor's friend, Matt, leapt into action and actually punched the dog. Taylor was rushed to the hospital.

She said, “They wouldn't let me look in the mirror.”

Surgeons needed over 200 stitches to repair the gaping wounds. Taylor's teeth and jaw were also broken.

She admitted, “I had some pretty rough dreams after that.”

Her face is healed but the scars are still very visible.

Now, her dream of competing in any more beauty pageants looked hopeless. But, she accepted it with a courageous resolve.

Then came the chance of a lifetime.

Taylor traveled to Nashville where she met with dermatologist Dr. Michael Gold. He is determined to help get the teen beauty queen's career back on track using state of the art laser surgery.

Dr. Gold uses the lasers directly on Taylor’s scars and the laser actually takes the red out and flattens the scar tissue. After the treatment the scars look pink, but that will fade.

It looks like the teen beauty queen is on her way to winning another crown.

“I want to be Miss USA, and maybe Miss Universe,” she said.