Kate Takes the Eight to Disneyland

Kate Gosselin had a busy weekend taking her eight children to Disneyland, which might explain why she was less than energetic on Monday's Dancing with the Stars. INSIDE EDITION has more.

You might as well call it "Walking with the Stars." Kate Gosselin strolled through her performance on Dancing with the Stars. She seemed exhausted, but she did have a good excuse.

Gosselin spent the weekend with her eight kids at Disneyland, getting the VIP treatment.
"It was marvelous and it was a good energy but there was also a bad energy going on, you know the dramas of my life," Gosselin said.

The judges gave her the lowest scores of the night.
"Darling, I think Tony could have had more life from a frock in a coat hanger, you were just walking around distant and catatonic," said judge Bruno Tonioli.
"It's getting a little hard to hear bad comments week after week," Kate admitted.

And according to the new issue of Life and Style magazine, Gosselin is sending out an e-mail to her friends asking them to help keep her on the show: "I am much less than confident this week and am actually begging you this week to vote to the max for Tony and I."

It was movie night at Dancing with the Stars, and Bachelor star Jake Pavelka did a takeoff of Tom Cruise's classic underwear dance from Risky Business.

But he didn't get rave reviews from Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who complained on The View, "This pilot should have just given us all barf bags before this performance!"
The Dancing with the Stars judges appeared to disagree and Pavelka ended up in third place for the night.