Little Girl Becomes Football Giant

Samantha Gordon has become an internet sensation over video of her playing football like an NFL superstar. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the young girl and her father about the secret to her success.

Would you believe an adorable nine-year-old girl is a football star?

Her name is Sam, short for Samantha, and videos of her football heroics are becoming an internet sensation.

She told INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent, "It's really fun to know people are watching me."

Sam Gordon scored 35 touchdowns in her Salt Lake City's Gremlin football league. She also made 35 tackles.

Trent asked, "Do you think the boys get jealous?"

"Sometimes, I think they're like, ‘Oh, I’m getting beat by a girl!,’" she replied.

Sam's dad, Brent Gordon, posted the thrilling videos of his daughter's football heroics. So what is the secret to her success?

Brent said, "She's very quick, she can stop and go quickly."

 After the game, this tough little competitor is all girl.

"She loves her stuffed animals, she's just a sweetheart," said Brent.

As for all those people who think girls don't belong on the football field?

Trent asked, "You showed them, didn't you?"

She proudly said, "I sure did!"