Mitt Romney's Sister Speaks Exclusively to INSIDE EDITION

In the first interview from any member of the Romney clan, Mitt's older sister, Jane spoke to INSIDE EDITION about her brother's reaction to losing the election.  

We’re hearing from the first member of Mitt Romney’s family to speak out since the historic presidential election.

Jane Romney said, "It is not easy to give so much and be so close."

In an exclusive interview, Jane Romney, Mitt's older sister, she told INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret what it was like when her brother finally realized he'd lost the election to President Obama.

Moret asked, "How did your brother react after he realized he had lost the election?"

Jane said, "He seemed like he retreated. Kind of like maybe a punch that takes your breath away."

In his concession speech, Mitt said, “Paul and I left it all on the field.  We have given our all for this campaign.”

Romney was said to be "shell shocked" as he spoke to the nation Tuesday night because he was totally convinced he was going to be the next president.

A campaign insider told CBS News that when Romney phoned President Obama to concede the election, "His wife Ann cried. Running mate Paul Ryan seemed genuinely shocked, and Ryan’s wife Janna also was shaken and cried softly."

Moret asked, "What kind of toll did this take on Ann Romney?"

Jane said, "She said, 'We are the sacrificial lamb.'"

Moret replied, "What did she mean by that?"

"That means you give everything and yet, you don't win. It is a sacrifice, it was a sacrifice," said Jane.

The Hollywood Reporter called Jane Romney "Mitt Romney’s secret sister,” because  she has stayed out of the spotlight until now.

Jane said, "I did speak, it was just under the radar."

She's a divorced mother of four and an actress who lives in an apartment in Beverly Hills.

Now get this, Jane says she was once the owner of Seamus, the dog that Mitt infamously strapped to the roof of his car on a family vacation.

She said, "Seamus was a dog that we loved very, very much. When I started my acting career, I sent him back to my brother."

Jane is also speaking out about what she thinks went wrong with her brothers presidential campaign.

"Mitt would say one word that had some double entendre and suddenly it was off to the races, putting him in the box, making him appear a certain way," she said.

So what is next for Mitt?

His sister told INSIDE EDITION she has no doubt he will want to serve his country in any way possible.

"I certainly think he will find a way to continue doing what he has done," she said.