Bullied Teen Turns Stutter to Success Through Rap

INSIDE EDITION sat down with teenager Jake Zeldin who was mercilessly bullied for his stutter, until he found his voice through rap music and is turning his struggle into success.

Every syllable is a struggle for Jake Zeldin. He can barely get a word out without stuttering. It's heartbreaking to watch the 13-year-old fighting to speak.

His parents, Rosyln and Zvi have been searching desperately for a cure since Jake was 2 years old.

Roslyn told INSIDE EDITION, "I used to go to my iPad every night and look for new solutions."

Jake's stutter only got worse and made his life miserable.

"I've been bullied by kids and teachers," said Jake.

Then, last summer, Jake entered a rap contest and discovered something remarkable. When he rapped, his stutter miraculously disappeared. It was like flipping a switch from stuttering with words to rap lyrics flowing freely out of his mouth.

"I was like, 'Hey, I'm kind of good. I'm rapping now. I'm a rapper,' " said Jake.

Zvi said, "I came home from work and Robyn goes, 'You've got to see Jake, you've got to see Jake. He raps!"

There's actually science behind Jake's remarkable breakthrough. When you sing or rap, your vocal chords relax and your voice flows freely.

It worked for King George in the Oscar®-winning movie The King's Speech. And now, it's working for Jake. In fact, he's embarking on a career as a professional rapper. He's recording an album and INSIDE EDITION was there as he made his concert debut.

The shy kid who could barely speak is now thrilling audiences. He's finally found his voice.

"I can't even describe it. It's the most incredible feeling," said Roslyn.