President Obama Shows Tearful Gratitude To Campaign Staff

A typically cool and collected President Obama showed his emotional gratitude to his campaign staff for the hard work in his election victory. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The flag hair lady who upstaged President Obama during his victory speech by wearing a flag in her hair is speaking out for the first time.

Spirit Goye,  yes, her name really is Spirit, appeared on Chicago's WLS-TV. 

"I was just in the moment. We had two flags originally and I didn't want to be like I'm conducting the orchestra, I thought,  I'll just put is in my hair and be free and wave. That's all," said Goye.

She says she had no idea she had become a sensation until two days later.

And President Obama was in tears the day after his big victory. The normally cool Commander-in-Chief reveals his vulnerable side in a just-released video from his campaign.

Obama's voice breaks as he thanks everybody at his Chicago headquarters for all their hard work. Then, he actually starts crying.

"What you guys have done means that the work that I'm doing is important. I'm really proud of that. I'm really proud of all of you," said President Obama.

The president wiped away tears as his staff erupted in cheers.

The president was back at work today, but he had hardly finished his first public appearance when scandal broke.

General David Petraeus, the Director of Central Intelligence Agency announced he had resigned over an extra-marital affair.

Petraeus is an American military hero who led U.S. forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan before taking charge of the CIA last year.