A King-Southwick Truce

A truce has been called in the divorce of Larry King and Shawn Southwick. The couple has agreed to halt all divorce proceedings for two weeks while they work a few things out. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick are calling a ceasefire. The talk show legend and Southwick have decided to bring their divorce proceedings to a halt for two weeks.  

The truce came after the couple met with a marriage counselor. Southwick was seen arriving at the Beverly Hills office on her own.

Following the counseling session, King's attorney Dennis Wasser released a statement saying, "There will be no activity for two weeks as several issues need to be discussed and resolved."

"A two-week break by Larry King and Shawn means they're rethinking this and it's in the best interest of the children, finances, and lower attorneys fees," legal analyst Debri Opri tells INSIDE EDITION.

King stayed mum when asked about the divorce after the taping of his show. The Dodgers fan only wanted to talk about his team's big victory after a huge homerun from slugger Manny Ramirez

INSIDE EDITION asked King's guest, American Idol judge Simon Cowell, how the TV icon should proceed.

"How many divorces has he had? Seven? He doesn't need any help from me then does he?" remarked Cowell.

But the trouble may just be beginning for the embattled couple. Hector Penate, their sons' baseball coach, is speaking out and he says he did have an affair with Shawn Southwick, something she has denied.

Penate says it all began with a passionate kiss in the car and quickly developed into a full-blown affair.    

He says Southwick told him her marriage was a sham and talked about divorcing King "all the time."  

 "Don't worry he's going to die soon," Southwick allegedly told him.

And Penate is also reportedly claiming that Southwick knew her husband was having an affair with her sister Shannon Engemann. King and his sister-in-law have denied the affair.   

"Shawn's ex-lover coming forward now, with this side of the story, it could get down and dirty in this divorce, wiping out any hope of a reconciliation," Opri says.