Doomsday Family Prepares For the Worst

When a disaster happens, the Southwick family is ready for the worst. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Meet the doomsday family. They've stored a full year's worth of food and several hundred gallons of water and the teenagers are packing heat. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the family.

"When we're in our basement, he's like 'Jayden come here' and he'll show me all of his guns and what bullets go in, and I'm like, 'Dad I don't care,'" their daughter Jayden Southwick said.

Father of six, Braxton Southwick, wants his family to be ready for anything.  Even down to hazmat suits in the event of biological or chemical attack.

"After 9/11, something really stirred in me to be more prepared. I saw how vulnerable our country was, and we took it to the extreme for that," he said.

The Southwick’s, of Salt Lake City, are featured in the hit series Doomsday Peppers, premiering Tuesday night on the National Geographic channel. The program follows their lives as they prepare for the worst.

They've even set up a system where they can signal neighbors in an emergency.

"Of course I think he goes overboard. Don't all wives think their husbands go overboard with their hobbies?" said his wife Kara Southwick.

They know they may seem totally over the top, but with real life disasters like Hurricane Sandy, more people are taking steps to be prepared for the day disaster strikes.

"When it does hit the fan, and people come knocking on our door because they know we have food and that we're prepared, I'm going to make them tell us 'I'm sorry I said that, you're not crazy,' and then we'll let them in," Kara Southwick said.