A Timeline of David Petraeus' Affair

It began in 2006 after David Petraeus gave a speech at Harvard, and has ended in a national scandal. INSIDE EDITION looks at the timeline of events.

It all began in summer this year. Petraeus' friend, Jill Kelley, contacted the FBI about threatening emails she had received over her friendship with Petraeus.

"FBI began to investigate this summer. They determined that they came from the email account of Paula Broadwell," said Washington Post Sari Horwitz.

In July this year, Broadwell's affair with Petraeus came to an end. It's not clear who broke it off.

On October 21, Broadwell was interviewed by the FBI. She admitted to having an affair with Petraeus. He was later questioned on October 28, and admited to the affair.

On November 6, President Obama was re-elected, and on that very day, National Intelligence director, James Clapper, was told about the FBI investigation.

On November 7, the day after his electoral triumph, Clapper informed President Obama.

The Obama's arrived back at the White House, the president already aware that the first crisis of his new term was brewing.

On November 9, Petraeus resigned in disgrace. Some are now asking whether the affair was kept under wraps until after the election.