Over 70 Years Old, Mitt Romney's Sister Plays Cleopatra

INSIDE EDITION's exclusive interview with Mitt Romney's sister, Jane, she reveals what it was like to be in her 70s and play Cleopatra in a movie.

Two lovers lie on a canopied bed in a sultry love scene from a new movie about the classic love story between Antony and Cleopatra.

Yet, this scene features Cleopatra in her 70's, and you won't believe who's portraying the famous Queen of Egypt once played by Elizabeth Taylor. It’s Mitt Romney’s older sister, Jane.
INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked Jane, “How did Mitt react to you becoming an actress?”

She said, “Well, all of my family thought I was crazy.”

Jane Romney is known as the "Secret Sister" of the defeated presidential candidate. In our exclusive interview, conducted inside Jane’s Beverly Hills apartment, she revealed she wouldn’t release the movie she worked on for three years until after the election. She said she wanted to avoid any controversy.
Moret asked, “Did your brother's political campaign hurt your film?”

“Oh yeah, because I had to stop everything. I pulled it out of festivals. I didn't want people lifting it and distorting it,” she said.  

In the movie, Mark Antony is played by Bruce Nozick, best known from the Showtime series Weeds. However, it's Jane playing history's most beautiful woman, which will surely get people talking.

“I figured it was now or never,” she said.

Jane has always dreamed of stardom. After all, Jane's mother, Lenore, was an actress in the 1930's. Lenore, a strict Mormon, quit Hollywood and a lucrative contract when she was asked to pose for suggestive photos.
While Jane’s Cleopatra movie doesn't show nudity, it does exude sensuality.
She said, “You don't see nudity but there's,

"It's voluptuous it is. Has to be," said Jane.

Moret asked, “Did you have any issues doing these scenes because of your faith?”
“No, these scenes were not hard. What's hard is getting emotionally connected,” she replied.

There was one question Moret had to ask, “Has Mitt seen the movie?”

She said, “I sent it to him but we haven't talked about it yet.”

“Did Ann see the movie?,” Moret asked.

Jane said, “Not until it was all finished, until I’d done it.”
Moret asked, “What did she say?”

Jane said, “Well, It’s beautiful.’”

Jane, who is a divorced mother of four, spent her last dime financing the 18-minute short film herself, and why Cleopatra? She said she can identify with the iconic queen.
“What do you want women to feel when they see this movie?,” Moret asked.

She replied, “I want them to feel ‘Yes, yes it's great to be a woman. Love is worth it.’”