Why Some Women Find Men In Uniform Irresistable

INSIDE EDITION speaks with a relationship columnist about the allure that some women can’t resist when it comes to military men.

It turns out Paula Broadwell isn't alone in finding an officer in uniform irresistible.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke to Diana Falzone, relationship columnist for military.com.

"There are some women out there who really want to find 'An Officer and a Gentleman,'" Falzone said..

"You're saying that there really is 'An Officer and a Gentleman' syndrome?" Boyd asked.

"There are women that get caught up in the hype and the idea of the fantasy of what an officer in the military means," Falzone said. She said every day women seek her advice on how to date a guy in the military.  

Just like Debra Winger, who was determined to snag Navy Pilot Richard Gere, in the movie, An Officer and a Gentleman.

"Obviously, that movie is a movie. And women somehow still believe after all these years, after, oh my goodness, 30 something years are we looking at? They still think that Richard Gere is going to sweep them up at the factory and go "I will save you, you can wear my officer cap and we're going to live happily ever after," Falzone said.

So what is it about a man like David Petraeus that draws women to them?

"They believe that if they're with an officer, they're going to be with a man with honor, duty, with patriotism, and that means that the loyalty to his county will actually transition into the loyalty in their relationship," Falzone said.

In reality, she says, its tough being in love with a man who's serving his country. Especially one who has achieved four-star rank, like Petraeus.

"Anytime you put a human being on a pedestal, they are going to fall," said Falzone.

The ending for Paula Broadwell isn't exactly the kind of storybook ending you see in the movies.