David Petraeus Scandal Widens To Include Top U.S. General

New layers continue to show in the David Petraeus scandal as details surface involving another top U.S. General. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The woman who blew the whistle on the sex scandal that brought down CIA Director David Petraeus is now being linked to another top U.S. General.

General John Allen, who replaced Petraeus as top American commander in Afghanistan, is under investigation by the FBI for sending "potentially inappropriate" emails to Jill Kelley.

"In The Line Of Booty," says the New York Daily News as the FBI reveals it is reviewing a mind-boggling 20,000 to 30,000 pages of documents exchanged between General Allen and Kelley between 2010 and 2012.  

Vinnie Politan from CNN said, "Twenty - thirty thousand documents exchanged between these two. How do you get anything else done in the course of the day?"

Allen denies any wrongdoing. He recently testified before Congress with is wife, Kathy in the room. His 27-year-old daughter, Bobbie, is a singer-songwriter.

White House spokesman Jay Carney spoke about the growing scandal this afternoon, saying, "The president thinks very highly of General Allen and his service to his country.

Jill Kelley is the so-called other other woman in the Petraeus scandal. She called in the FBI after receiving threatening emails from Petraeus' mistress, Paula Broadwell. In one email, Broadwell accused Kelley of "touching (Petraeus) provocatively underneath a table." (Source: Wall Street Journal)

The emails are being described as "cat-fight stuff... More like, 'Who do you think you are?...You parade around the base...You need to take it down a notch." (Source: The Daily Beast)

Kelley insists her relationship with Petraeus was purely platonic, and he says they did not have an affair.

As if this story couldn't get any weirder, we're now learning that an FBI agent who investigated the threatening emails, allegedly sent Jill Kelley shirtless photos of himself.

Jonathan Allen from Politico.com told INSIDE EDITION, "It's frankly amazing that anybody in the law enforcement capacity would not have better judgement than to send shirtless photos of himself. Look, we've seen this scandal before. We've seen it with members of Congress."

Jon Stewart had a field day with the growing Petraeus scandal Monday night. Stewart interviewed Broadwell about her Petraeus book All In. He also attended a book-launch barbecue that she threw at last summer's Democratic Convention. 

Stewart said, "I am the worst journalist in the world. The whole thing was like, innuendo after innuendo, and the whole time I'm like, duh."

It was a busy scene at Broadwell's home in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a team of FBI agents searched the house and removed computers and boxes of documents. Broadwell consented to the search.

It now turns out that Broadwell accompanied Petraeus on a government-funded trip to Paris in July 2011, while her husband cared for their two young sons at home.