Late Night Comics Have A Field Day With Petraeus Scandal

It's no surprise that the General Petraeus scandal has become fodder for the late night comics. INSIDE EDITION has the jokes.

The scandal has become a feeding frenzy for the other late night comics.

Jimmy Kimmel joked, “Now the TV specials are coming out, ‘Is America’s Security At Risk? Find out Tuesday on the Next Jerry Springer, it's CIA Smackdown.’" Kimmel then said, "It is my solem duty as a talk show host to inform you that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up. She was cheating on him with General Petraeus."

Jimmy Fallon said, "The James Bond movie, Skyfall, became the number one movie this weekend with $88 million. This is about a spy who fights terrorists and sleeps with women. Critics are calling it 'Well made,' David Patraeus is calling it, 'Relatable.'"

Jay Leno joked, "You are head of the CIA, you would think it would be easy to cheat. You come home from work and your wife goes, 'Where have you been?' You say, 'Sorry honey, that is classified.'"

David Letterman said,"Well, allegedly had an affair with his biographer, which means that from now on he'll only be having sex with his autobiographer."