David Petraeus Helped Jill Kelley's Sister In Custody Fight

Details of financial debt and a messy divorce are surfacing on Jill Kelley, (left), and her twin sister (far right) Natalie. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

There are stunning new revelations about the lady who blew the whistle on the sex scandal that brought down CIA Chief David Petraeus.

Exotic beauty Jill Kelley isn't speaking about the scandal but she's keeping anything but a low profile.

Today, the blinds were drawn at her five bedroom mansion in Tampa, except on the room she happened to be in, allowing the world's media to shoot through the window. She calmly ate lunch and watched TV reports about the exploding scandal.

Despite a wealthy lifestyle as a high-profile socialite, Jill Kelley and her oncologist husband are millions of dollars in debt, according to Palm Beach Post columnist Jose Lambiet.

Lambiet told INSIDE EDITION, "These parties they had on their lawn with the general, they cost a lot of money. And a lot of people in Florida would actually put these on their credit cards which is why two credit card companies are going after them as well."

A bank has started foreclosure proceedings on the Kelley's waterfront mansion.

It seems that Jill Kelley reveled in her high-powered connections. Her license plate shows that she's an honorary Consul for South Korea, reward for her work with the military.  She even liked people to call her "ambassador."  

Erin Moriarty of 48 Hours told INSIDE EDITION, "She was the unofficial and unpaid, almost like a social planner for the Air Force base."

Jill Kelley has an identical twin sister named Natalie. They even pose alike in pictures.

Just a few weeks ago, General Petraeus and General John Allen wrote letters to a judge taking Natalie's side in a nasty custody battle with her husband. But the judge wasn't impressed. He called Natalie "psychologically unstable" and ruled against her.

"I think that there was a real friendship here. Whether is was wise for either one of these generals to put in a letter in a very rancorous divorce, that's something different. But I don't think it was actually that unusual when you take a look at the friendship," said Moriarty.

Meanwhile, Jill Kelley has hired Judy Smith, a crisis manager who advised Monica Lewinsky in the Clinton impeachment scandal. Judy Smith is the inspiration for  the crisis manager in the ABC TV series Scandal played by Kerry Washington. Jill's attorney is Abbe Lowell, the  well-regarded defense lawyer who represented former presidential candidate John Edwards.