Woman Transforms Herself Into a Human Barbie

People can't look away when they see the young woman who has turned herself into a human Barbie. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Valeria Lukyanova is the real-life Barbie doll who's becoming an international sensation.

For many, it is hard to believe she's real. But, in her YouTube video that has gone viral, there is no doubt. In her video, she is shown applying eye makeup for the total Barbie effect.

Her photo spread in the latest issue of V Magazine left the Good Morning America team speechless.

George Stephanopoulos said, "Sometimes there are no words."

Sam Champion added, “It's a little creepy."

The 21-year-old Ukranian lives on a mostly-liquid diet, which may explain her almost unimaginably tiny waistline.

Lukyanova has had breast enhancements, but claims all she needs is makeup and contact lenses to achieve that Barbie look.

And as for the countless critics of her bizarre transformation, Lukyanova tells V magazine, “I'm happy I seem unreal to them. It means I’m doing a good job.”