Paula Broadwell Attends High-Profile Event After Investigation Launched

"Reckless" is the term being used by some over Paula Broadwell attending a high-profile event after she knew the FBI had launched an investigation into her affair with General Petraeus. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's Paula Broadwell, wearing a super-sexy backless gown at a high-society event in Washington D.C., and just a few feet away was her former lover, CIA boss David Petraeus.

In one photo, Broadwell can be seen engaging in small talk, and Petraeus, his face obscured from the camera, just off to her right.

The black tie gala took place just three weeks ago, and even as they worked the room, they were both aware they were being investigated by the FBI about their affair.
An intelligence expert says: "It's mind-boggling that she could be so reckless as to show up at high-profile events like this, shortly after learning the FBI was investigating the affair." (Source: NBC)

Martin Bashir told INSIDE EDITION, "She might have assumed that behaving normally would actually call the dogs off. Suggest that there wasn't really an issue. Suggest, perhaps to the public, that she had nothing to hide."

Human Events, a conservative magazine, claims that Broadwell and Petraeus actually attended the event as a couple.

"The two mingled as a couple at the VIP reception before the dinner and as the general made his way around the Washington Ritz Carlton ballroom, Broadwell followed one pace behind," (Source: Human Events magazine)

Other guests dispute the report.

Meanwhile, Petraeus is finally breaking his silence about the scandal that has destroyed his career. HLN host Kyra Phillips spoke by phone about her conversations with Petraeus.

"He has told me he has engaged in something dishonorable," said Phillips. "He was very clear that he screwed up terribly. He's taking it really hard. He doesn't want to throw 37 years out the window with his wife."

Petraeus also spoke about the so-called "other other woman," Tampa socialite Jill Kelley.

"He has told me that he and his family were friends with Jill Kelley and her husband. They spent social time together. And Paula Broadwell felt threatened by that and that is why she pursued Jill Kelley," said Phillips.

Has Petraeus contacted Broadwell since the scandal exploded?

"They have not talked since this story broke," said Phillips.