Dr. Phil Weighs In On Petraeus Scandal

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Dr. Phil about his thoughts on the David Petraeus scandal and why he is not surprised the situation happened.

Doctor Phil gave INSIDE EDITION his take on the sex scandal rocking America and he's not surprised that CIA director David Petraeus risked everything for a fling with Paula Broadwell.

Dr. Phil said, "Power is a huge aphrodisiac. I mean this has happened for generations. I am not surprised, are you surprised? Were you surprised in the last generation? Were people surprised with Kennedy? Were people surprised back in the days of Julius Caeser? Were people surprised across the ages when men in power were involved with extramarital affairs?"

INSIDE EDITION asked TV’s No. 1 talk show host for his take on all the key players in the Petraeus scandal.

This is what he has to say about the so-called “other other woman," sultry Tampa socialite, Jill Kelley.

"If in fact, she and another general are exchanging 20 or 30 thousand e-mails, and if she is having an e-mail battle with this biographer, let me get this right, they are fighting over someone elses husband. That is like two neighbor dogs fighting over the neighbor dogs bone," said Dr. Phil.

Coincidentally, Dr. Phil has a new book called Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World. It's a guide, David Petraeus, take note, to spotting people who want to take advantage of you.

"This is the ultimate macho persona, right? I mean, here are these guys and this has completely redefined the concept of army men," said Dr. Phil.