Shocking Claims in Larry King's Divorce Drama

Shocking new allegations in the Larry King divorce drama are revealed from the man claiming to have had a relationship with King's wife. INSIDE EDITION has all the details.

"We had sex in Larry's bed—a lot."

It's a shocking claim from the man who says he was Shawn King's lover!

Hector Penate is revealing jaw-dropping details about the steamy affair he says he had with Larry King's wife, telling In Touch Weekly that he and Shawn were together in bed while the talk show legend's show played in the background.

"I had sex with Shawn while Larry was on TV. Our sex life was real good," Penate claims.

Amy Palmer, Senior Editor of In Touch Weekly said, "Hector tells In Touch Weekly that they looked at each other, immediately sparks flew, and within two weeks they were having a relationship."

Penate, who was the King's sons' baseball coach, says he even went on a romantic vacation to Mexico with Shawn, and that she showered him with gifts.

"She paid my rent, she bought me clothes and a BMW 7 series," said Penate.

"Hector really infiltrated the King household and really became very close to the family. He actually even said that he looked at Larry like a grandfather. It was just that he was having sex with Larry King's wife," said Palmer.

Penate remained silent when peppered with questions outside a posh sushi restaurant in Los Angeles, where was was driving a black BMW.

The 31-year-old chiseled actor says Shawn often complained that her husband was old and that she wasn't attracted to him anymore. "She would call him Daffy Duck," he says.

But his most shocking claim? Penate tells InTouch that Shawn tried to have a baby with him.

"At one point, Shawn wanted to have her eggs fertilized so that they could have a baby girl together," said Palmer.

And believe it or not, the baseball coach claims that King knew all about the affair, but didn't care because he was infatuated with his sister-in-law Shannon.

Palmer quotes Penate as saying, "He was very open about saying how gorgeous she was, and 'Hey Hector, have you seen Shawn's younger sister?' "

Penate says, "I still think to this day that Larry is in love with Shawn's sister."

Shawn, who has denied the affair, is now laughing off Penate's story, saying, "I have said all I have to say about that."