Military Official On Jill Kelley: "Who The Hell Is She?"

INSIDE EDITION has learned that a military official was reportedly appalled by Jill Kelley's flirtatious behavior and emails to a high-ranking general, and told her to stop.

"Who the hell is this woman?"

That's what an official at MacDill Air Force base asked after he warned socialite Jill Kelley to stop bombarding four-star general John Allen with thousands of emails.

A civilian liaison officer at the base says he was appalled by Jill Kelley's flirty behavior at parties with top military brass.

"I called her probably three times and told her not to send any more emails," he told the Tampa Tribune.

"I thought it was ridiculous. Who the hell is she? These guys are protecting the world," he said.

General Allen, the commander of allied forces in Afghanistan, says his relationship with Kelley was affectionate but innocent. But some sources say the emails were "clearly sexual." (Source: New York Times)

Kelley inadvertently triggered the scandal when she told an FBI agent about harassing emails she received from Paula Broadwell, who was having an affair with General Petraeus.

Jill Kelley's mother was seen leaving Jill's Tampa home today, refusing to answer questions. And Jill's husband, Scott Kelley, a respected cancer surgeon, appeared in public for the first time since the scandal broke. He was seen returning home looking weary and still wearing hospital scrubs.

And we're learning more about Jill Kelley's imperious behavior.

Contractor Gordon Spicer claims Jill reneged on a bill for $2,800 for work he did on her sprawling mansion in Tampa's ritziest neighborhood.

Spicer said, "She stiffed me. Yeah. They didn't pay me after the job was done. I tried to collect my money and she ends up calling the Tampa police department."

And did Jill Kelley get a nose job? She and her twin sister, Natalie, were reportedly teased about their noses at school and Jill was quoted as telling  friends: "We're going to get a nose job and when we do you'll be in awe of us."