Dog Whisperer Opens Up About Darker Days

Cesar Millan, better known as the Dog Whisperer, opens up about his suicide attempt. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Cesar Millan, the world famous trainer known as the dog whisperer, is opening up about the darkest time in his life.

“I decided to commit suicide,” Millan said in a Nat Geo Wild special, airing November 25th.

Millan said he was devastated when his marriage of 16 years came to an end. He was shocked when his wife broke the news over the phone.

"It was hard, right. Because I wasn't expecting it. I went into a big depression," said Millan.

But it was the death of his beloved 16-year-old pit bull, Daddy, that sent him into a downward spiral that he wasn't sure he could survive. The dog went everywhere with Millan, even the red carpet.

Millan said he tried to take his life by swallowing an overdose on antidepressant pills in 2010. The suicide attempt was never publicly revealed until now.

"I took pills. I didn't die, but I did try," said Millan.

The special documents Millan's rise from penniless illegal immigrant to worldwide celebrity.

Milan said his work rescuing dogs helped pull him through the tough times.