Babies Go Underwater to Pose for Unforgettable Moments

INSIDE EDITION goes underwater for the new trend of getting the perfect shot of baby's first swim.

Adorable tykes are being turned into “waterbabies,” all to capture a few memorable images.

Photographer Lisa Reilly works her magic to get the perfect pose.
Once 14-month-old Truman went under the surface, Reilly had less than three seconds to snap his picture.

"The biggest challenge with babies is that you have to work so fast, because they can't stay under very long and so you have just a couple of seconds to get the shot," said Reilly.

Truman's mom, Stacy, loves how the photos turned out.
“It's really fun. The pictures look amazing,” said Stacy.

Baby swimming instructor Emily Cohen calls herself "The Water Whisperer." At her Los Angeles swim school, she trains babies for many lessons before they do photo shoots. Photographer Lisa Reilly uses colorful balls as props to make the pictures look fun and colorful.

Kids will be kids, and sometimes a little tantrum gets in the way.

“We give hugs and kisses. We be brave. We kind of do it anyway, because the only way to get children over the fear is to actually do it,” said Cohen.
First photographers were snapping diving dogs. Now, babies are taking the plunge, and creating unforgettable images that parents will cherish forever.

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