Mother And Daughter Get Breast Implants Together

This mother-daughter duo have always done everything togther. Now, INSIDE EDITION follows them as they go under the knife for breast enlargement surgery at the same time.

This mother-daughter duo does everything together. They are inseparable—from walking their dogs, to their favorite activity—shopping.

And now, 18-year-old Madison Hofer and her mother, Sonna are about to get breast implants by the same doctor at the very same time.

Madison told INSIDE EDITION, "Not only do I get to do it by myself, I get to do it with her."

Madison has wanted her breasts enlarged since she was 16. But mom said no way until she got older.

Sonna said, "She turned 18 and it seemed like the right time to explore this opportunity."

And despite their age difference, this mother and daughter are getting lifts for similiar reasons.

Madison said, "For confidence. It's definitely a huge confident booster."

Sonna said, "It is just that little extra boost. I not only want that for my daughter, I want that for myself as well."

Madison and her mom headed to CosmetiCare in Newport Beach, California, where they looked through a book of implant options.

They met with Dr. Michael Niccole. Madison wanted to increase her B-cup to a full C-cup, and Sonna wants to lift her droopy breasts.

Dr. Niccole told Sonna, "We don't need a large implant, because you've got quite a bit of breast tissue."

The morning of the surgey, daughter and mom arrived bright and early. Madison was feeling nervous and excited. Sonna said, "Ready to go."

Madison and Sonna comforted each other in the waiting room. Mom even lent a hand with Madison's hospital gown.

The nurse said, "Madison, you'll come with me."

Mom and daughter were placed in surgical rooms right next to each other. Sonna's surgery was first. Forty minutes later, Dr. Nicole said, "Mom's all finished. She looks great. Now, it's your turn."

After Madison's surgery, both mom and daughter went into recovery.

"I feel really, surprisingly good," said Sonna.

And a week later, how do they feel about their new breasts?

Madison said, "I love them!"

Sonna said, "I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. Better than I had expected."