Prozac Pilot Reveals His Identity

The man knows as the Prozac Pilot, who's been speaking out on Youtube against the FAA's stand on pilots with depression, reveals his identity to INSIDE EDITION.  

This guy, with a paper bag over his head has become a Youtube phenomenon!

"I am forced by society to hide my face in shame," said the mystery man on Youtube.

He sits at his desk with the paper mask hiding his face. He's not trying to be funny. He's a pilot and he's the blowing the lid off a very serious problem.

"Pushed out of my chosen profession by F.A.A. regulations," he continued on Youtube.

Up until now he has kept his true identity a secret. Now the bag is coming off.

His name is Collin Hughes. He walked away from his high-paying job because he was diagnosed with depression and the F.A.A. bars anyone who is taking anti-depressants from flying.

"I am the Prozac Pilot,"

He says he's not alone. There are other pilots out there flying who are also taking anti-depressants.

"They're embarrassed to tell people that they suffer from depression," said Hughes.

"There are thousands of pilots who do not dare seek help for they know their careers will come to an abrupt halt," said Hughes on Youtube.

His video is prompting strong reaction. One blogger wrote, "Are you serious? This guy is on drugs. Americans are extremely stupid and naive to think that a chemical drug will make a pilot stable in flight."

But there is support too. Another blogger wrote, "As a fellow pilot, I salute you, Prozac Pilot. You prove that depression is no bar to being a real hero."

"It's worth the embarassment. It's worth the ridicule, if I can help somebody, even if it's one person, it's worth it to me," said Hughes.

The F.A.A. has changed its policy to allow pilots with mild to moderate depression, who seek treatment and agree to be monitored by doctors, to fly.