Family Of Alleged Bank Robbers Caught

A family is behind bars after the father, along with his adult son and daughter were arrested for allegedly robbing multiple banks in disguise. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Three mug shots show a shocking family portrait. Scott Catt, his son Hayden, and 18-year-old daughter Abby are suspected of robbing seven banks.

Katherine Cabaniss, executive director of Crimestoppers, told INSIDE EDITION, "A father who brings his son and teenage daughter into this crime spree, robbing banks."

Police say dad wore a surgical mask and his 20-year-old son donned a fake moustache and glasses when holding up a credit union outside Houston. They were both wearing reflective vests. Surveillance video allegedly showed Scott Catt, pointing a gun at the credit union employees.

At another bank, cops say the father and son wore painter’s overalls and Abby was allegedly behind the wheels of the getaway car.

In a twist, Scott Catt posted a picture of himself posing with Sandra Bullock's ex, Jesse James, a direct descendant of the famous bank robber.

Cops said those disguises gave cops their big break to crack the case. Police realized that the overalls and other items, like the reflective vest, could be purchased at a place like Home Depot. So they checked every Home Depot store near the robberies and bingo! They found surveillance video of the family buying those very items.

Abby and her brother grew up in Portland, Oregon. They were honor students and members of the high school swim team.

Cabaniss said, "The mom is deceased. She died years ago as a result of breast cancer."

Scott Catt raised the kids alone. Police say they turned to bank heists to make ends meet after a bank foreclosed on their home.

Cabaniss said, "As a prosecutor, you think you have seen it all. Then, the very next day, you see something new."