Miss America Contestant To Undergo A Double Mastectomy

INSIDE EDITION speaks to a Miss America contestant who will have both of her breasts removed after the competition as a preventation measure against cancer.

She's a beautiful young woman headed to the Miss America contest.

But 24-year old Allyn Rose has just made a stunning announcement that may bring her pageant career to an end—she has decided to voluntarily have both of her breasts removed.

“The decision, even though it was difficult and even though it is scary, it's such an easy decision for me,” she told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

Rose made the heartbreaking choice because although she doesn't have breast cancer yet, she carries the breast cancer gene. Her grandmother, her great aunt and her mother all died from breast cancer.

“Mom passed away when I was 16 from breast cancer and it was somethign that absolutely rocked our family to the core. My mom was my best friend, my confidant,” Rose said.

Her mom left behind an inspiring and moving journal. She wrote: 'Allyn, you are my star. I am so sorry to leave you because you'll need me for many years not just a few.'

"That just so resonates with me. I want to be there for all of my children's counting achievements, all of my childrens lives,” Rose said.

Many other well known women have been through this before.

Sharon Osbourne underwent a double mastectomy. So did E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic, and actress Christina Applegate. They all carried the breast cancer gene.

Rose plans to have reconstructive surgery at the same time as her mastectomy, but has come to terms with the fact that her life will never be the same.

“Are you nervous?” asked Alexander.

“I'm nervous. I can't say that I'm not. I'm choosing to have a beautiful life not just a beautiful body,” she said.

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