Can Marriage of Paula Broadwell Be Saved?

Paula Broadwell was spotted with her husband leaving many asking, can her marriage be saved in the wake of her affair with David Petraeus? INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Paula Broadwell clutched her youngest son as she arrived home in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her doctor husband, Scott, and their other son. Broadwell gave her husband a little nudge as they walked quickly into the house.

Scott said to photographers, "We've got no comment at this time, but thank you."

Neighbors welcomed home the ex-mistress at the center of the David Petraeus scandal.

"We're just going to be there for the family. They're great people and we welcome the opportunity to support them," said one neighbor.

On Monday, the physical fitness fanatic wore a baseball cap and dark glasses for her morning run. Her wedding ring was still on her finger.

And in the new People magazine, headlined "Sex, Lies and Spies," her brother was quoted as saying: "I've never seen her cry as much....She accepts responsibility for her actions and knows she made a mistake. Now, she's focused on repairing and protecting her family."  

Broadwell was spotted walking arm-in-arm with her husband over the weekend. So, can their marriage be saved? The details have been so juicy, that it lead to a reality-style parody called "The Real Generals of D.C." on The Tonight Show.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke to NeNe Leakes of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta and asked for her take on the scandal.

McInerney asked, "What can Paula Broadwell do to save her marriage?"

"Maybe she made a mistake. But at the end of the day, they have something that's special. I mean, you have to forgive sometimes," said Leakes.

Repairing the Broadwell's marriage will take time, says Dr. Wendy Walsh of

Walsh told INSIDE EDITION, "An affair isn't the end of the world. They've got small children. They're raising kids. They're a team. I feel instinctively like this husband is the kind of guy who is going to support her."

Saturday Night Live had a field day with the Petraeus scandal, imagining what an honest book reading by Broadwell of her Petraeus biography might be like. The character said, " 'Lock the door, Paula,' said General Petraeus. I wordlessly obeyed."

And the other glamorous woman in the Petraeus scandal, Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, was also in the SNL crosshairs, with a man dressed up as Kelley leaving her home.