Women Skydive Wearing Nothing But Lingerie

INSIDE EDITION caught up with a group of women who found a bold way to face their fears by jumping out of an airplane in their underwear.

Seven women marched down an airport runway and did something that would shock anyone. They jumped out of a plane—in lingerie.

INSIDE EDITION headed to Skydive Elsinore in Southern California as the ladies, wearing nothing but skimpy lingerie, went skydiving for the very first time.
As they climbed onto the wing of an 80-year-old DC-3, one could have almost imagined them as pin-up girls from World War II. But, as they posed on the old plane, they started to wonder, what did they get themselves in to?

One woman said, “I'm so scared.”

“I'm ready to do it but I’m so scared,” said another.
So why were they jumping out of a plane in lingerie? Photographers Marisa Gallegos and Jennifer Hoffman told INSIDE EDITION it's to fight their fears.

They said, “It's our way of encouraging women everywhere to embrace themselves and be bold.”

And what's bolder than strapping on parachutes, and jumping out of a plane 14,000 feet up, where the temps are below zero.

Before they took off, they got a quick lesson on how to jump properly. Then, they climbed on board, took off, and jumped.
After a one minute freefall they deployed their chutes and floated to the landing spot. Every 30 seconds another skydiver landed.

One of the divers said, “It was so surreal.”

They didn't even notice how cold it really was when they jumped out of a plane in lingerie.