Lindsay Lohan Blasted By Critics at Liz & Dick Premiere

As if harsh criticism of her new movie Liz & Dick wasn't enough, critics are blasting Lindsay Lohan for her fashion choice at the premiere. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Lindsay Lohan was mobbed on the red carpet at the premiere party for her new Lifetime TV movie Liz
& Dick
In true diva fashion, Lohan arrived two hours late to the party. She's also being slammed for her outfit. The Huffington Post called the too tight dress, "All sorts of No!," and the London Daily Mail says it was a "Trashy Gold Gown".

Lohan also appeared on The Tonight Show in another fashion "don't."  The long black dress with skin-tone mesh cutouts she wore seemed ill-fitted.

Jay Leno asked her about cancelling an interview with Barbara Walters.

Lohan said, "The timing wasn't right, right now. I love her. I'm a big fan of Barbara Walters. I met her when I was very young. And so, when it's right, she knows she'll be the first person I sit down with."

Walters reacted to Lohan’s comment on The View. "She says, 'When it is right.'  I should live so long," said Walters.  Walters then added, “She is a nice girl. She is good in the show, and I appreciate her saying that.”

Leno also asked Lohan about finding out that she has a half-sister no one knew about, as the result of an affair her father had 17 years ago.

“I guess I could give her one word of advice: ‘Good luck with my dad,’” Lohan said.

And get this, Lohan once had a chance to meet Liz Taylor but didn't go because she was too nervous.

“She had actually sent me a ring once, and invited me to dinner but I was just genuinely too nervous,” said Lohan.

Liz & Dick airs this Sunday on Lifetime.