INSIDE EDITION Speaks with Boy Who Put Up 138 Points in Basketball Game

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the college sophomore basketball player who just scored a record-breaking 138 points.

You've heard of Hoop Dreams, well this is a hoop reality. A college sophomore scored a record-shattering 138 points in a single game!

In the process, Jack Taylor of Grinnell College in Iowa, broke a scoring record that had stood for 58 years, and became an instant celebrity.

Taylor spoke with INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent via Skype and said, “It's definitely a little overwhelming right now."

"Did it feel like you couldn't miss?" Trent asked.

"Yeah, definitely," said Taylor.

At 5'10" and 170 pounds, Taylor isn't your textbook basketball star. But he's got the greatest stars in sports marveling at his astonishing accomplishment.

"That's crazy!" said L.A. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. 
Taylor took a total of 108 shots during the game, one every twenty seconds. 

"Did you hog the ball a little bit during that game?" Trent asked.

"My team was really fired up, and they were really unselfish. They wanted me to get the record. They were all willing to keep feeding me the ball," said Taylor.

Will Taylor ever reach this lofty level again? Maybe not. But nobody will ever forget what he did on that magical night.