Bouncy Castle Injuries Reportedly Increase As Experts Warn Parents About The Dangers

INSIDE EDITION reports on alarming new reports that discuss serious injuries among children from those popular bouncy castles.

There's danger lurking in those bouncy castles that kids love so much.

More than 64,000 children have been injured on the popular inflatables over the last 20 years, according to a new report—and it gets worse.

Between 2008 and 2010, more than 11,000 children reportedly required emergency-room treatment due to bouncy castle injuries.

Sarah Ruggerio says her adorable five-year-old son Matthew was killed after he fell off an inflatable ride and cracked his head on the cement floor at an indoor playground in Kansas.

“Losing a child is horrible, but losing a child to something that could have been preventable is that much worse,” Ruggiero said.

Dozens of children have been injured after bounce houses go airborne, due to strong gusts of wind.

To test bounce castles for ourselves, INSIDE EDITION set up a jumping castle with safety expert, Ed Prihbonic. After anchoring down all four sides of the castle according to the directions, we installed cameras inside.

As the wind machine hit speeds of 70mph, the castle tipped over, freed itself from the anchors, and went cart wheeling across the park.

Pribonic says many of these accidents happen when the inflatables aren’t anchored down properly or at all.

Now, the new report on bouncy-castle dangers makes troubling news for parent’s everywhere

A spokesperson for the national association of amusement ride safety officials told us in a statement that the sales of inflatables have ballooned since the study was done...Adding they are safe if installed and used properly.