Smackdown Between Halle Berry's Ex and New Fiancé

Halle Berry faces more troubling times in her personal life after an argument between her ex, Gabriel Aubry and her fiancé Olivier Martinez allegedly turned into a full-out brawl. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Halle Berry scolded photographers as she did her best to keep her four-year-old daughter from learning details about that nasty Thanksgiving smackdown between her current fiancé and her ex.

A photographer shouted, "Halle, who started the fight?"

Berry responded, "Would you be quiet, there's a child here!"
Male model Gabriel Aubry, the father of Berry's only daughter, is sporting a large shiner today. He and Berry's fiancé, actor Olivier Martinez, really got into it. Swollen and bruised knuckels were spotted on Martinez's hand where he reportedly slugged Aubry. 

The fight started in front of Berry's home in the Hollywood Hills. It happened Thanksgiving morning as Berry's ex was dropping four-year-old Nahla off to spend the holiday weekend with her mom. That's when fists started flying. It's unclear who threw the first punch or what the fight was about, but we do know this—Gabriel Aubry was arrested for misdemeanor battery.

Berry said to photographers, "Listen, there's a child here who knows nothing about this. Can you please not say a word. There's a child here who needs to be protected."

Berry and Aubry have been locked in a bitter custody battle over Nahla since their 2010 split. The brawl comes on the heels of a court ruling blocking Halle Berry from moving Nahla to France.

Lisa Bloom, legal analyst, told INSIDE EDITION, "The one person who looks good in this is story is Halle Berry.  She wasn't violent, she wasn't an aggressor, she wasn't acting in self-defense. She was simply a bystander.  She immediately called the police. She did the right thing."