Powerball Winners Speak to INSIDE EDITION About Managing Money

As Powerball fever grips the nation, INSIDE EDITION speaks with the couple who won $200 million just two months ago, to get advice for the next big winner.

Mary and Brian Lohse are buying Powerball tickets, just like millions of other Americans hoping to hit the historic $550 million jackpot.

But they aren't your average Powerball players.

They are Iowa's newest millionaires, Mary and Brian Lohse. Mary and Brian actually won $202 million on the Powerball just two months ago

Their winning came in the nick-of-time. They had faced foreclosure on their house.
"We struggled. We lived paycheck to paycheck, I think like everybody else," said Mary.

But those troubles are over now.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked the couple, "What's your advice?"

"Our attorney, one of the first pieces of advice he gave us was, 'Grow into the money. You can have all the things that you want, just not today," said Brian.

"Isn't there temptation to go out the next day and get that nice Mercedes or BMW?" Trent asked.

"Well, we did. We didn't get the Mercedes or BMW. We got Fords," said Mary.

Another treat was a Great Pyrenees puppy.

The only downside? Getting letters from perfect strangers begging for financial help.

"Most of them are: 'We have student loans, we have some medical issues, we have medical bills. Can you give us $10,000, $20,000, half a million?'" said Brian.

Tonight's jackpot is the second largest drawing ever. And there is Fort Knox-style security at the lottery facility in Tallahassee, Florida, where the drawing will take place.

Dusty Springfield's song "Wishing & Hoping" sums it all up. All across this great land, people are fantasizing what they'd buy if they win. If only.

We'll know tomorrow whose wish came true.