Casey Anthony Case To Be Made Into TV Movie

It has been over a year since Casey Anthony was aquitted of her daughter's murder. Now, a movie about the case is coming to TV. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It was one of the most unexpected verdicts eve. Now, a new made for TV movie about the Casey Anthony case is sure to revive the controversy over her acquittal.

Rob Lowe plays prosecutor Jeff Ashton and Oscar Nunez of The Office fame plays defense attorney José Baez. Casey Anthony is played by  a newcomer, Virginia Welch, who is a stunning lookalike for the most hated woman in America.

The movie, Prosecuting Casey Anthony, airs January 19th on Lifetime. It's based on Jeff Ashton's book about the case, Imperfect Justice.

Now, we are about to relive the drama of a trial and the loss of a little girl whose death moved us all.

Just last month, it was reported that prosecutors missed evidence that could have been crucial. Google searches of the words "foolproof suffocation" on Casey’s computer the day before little Caylee disappeared.