Officer Who Gave Boots to Barefoot Homeless Man is Hailed a Hero

The humble police officer who gave a barefoot homeless man a pair of shoes speaks to INSIDE EDITION.

The homeless man, who got a new pair of boots from a kind hearted New York City police officer is apparently, once again, walking the cold streets barefoot.

Officer DePrimo's act of kindness has been cheered worldwide, but INSIDE EDITION has learned that the homeless guy, who goes by the name Duke, didn't keep those boots very long. It's believed he sold them for cash.

One witness told The New York Times she ran into Duke just a few days ago on the streets of New York, and immediately recognized him from the photograph.

The woman said, "Where were the boots that the officer bought him? They were not on his feet."

Jennifer Foster is the tourist from Arizona who took that now famous picture at Times Square that is inspiring millions.

Foster said, “Maybe for an hour afterwards, he wore those boots and his feet were warm. That's all that needed to happen."
INSIDE EDITION asked, "Why did you take the picture."

"Because it was immediately remarkable," said Foster.

She said her boyfriend, Joey, gave the homeless man cash out of his pocket just before Officer DePrimo bought him the boots.

"Officer DePrimo proceeded to help him put on his socks and shoes. It was an outstanding thing to do," said Foster.

In a just released surveillance camera from inside the Sketchers shoe store the kind hearted cop is shown swiping his credit card to buy the boots.

From one camera angle the store manager can be seen coming from behind the counter to shake DePrimo’s hand, and that's how everyone feels today.

Whatever the fate of the barefoot homeless man, Officer Larry DePrimo has become a shining example for all.

"People are saying, 'My faith in humanity is restored,' and that is amazing to me," said DePrimo.