Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Fashion

INSIDE EDITION gets maternity fashion advice from experts who weigh in on what Duchess Kate might wear during her royal pregnancy.

Now that Kate Middleton is pregnant, what will the royal mom-to-be wear?

Natalie Medei of the Rosie Pope Maternity store in New York City has some fashion tips for Kate, and any other pregnant mom who wants to look like a princess.

"The world is on pins and needles to see how Kate will morph her wardrobe into a maternity wardrobe. I think we can all rest assured that we will not be let down," said Medei.

She says an elegant purple cocktail dress is just right.

"A chiffon cocktrail dress that I think she could be wearing to any kind of gala, or something in the evening. She has fantastic legs and killer arms and I don't think she needs to hide that during her pregnancy," said Medei.

She says a casual look with streched pants is bound to become a staple for Kate. Its a way to look put together on weekends, even when you are pregnant.

"It is something I predict we will see Princess Kate in a lot through her pregnancy. It is parallel to the suited look we see her in a lot lately. We have the cropped iconic tweed jacket that fits perfectly overtope a classic oxford shirt," she said.

A little black dress looks perfect on any woman, even an expecting mom.

"Embrace your bump in a chic way, and don't sacrifice your style that you had pre-pregnancy while you are pregnant. If you're used to wearing a lot of wasted belts like Kate did, just simply move the accent up to above the bump. If you are going for that iconic look, this is the perfect option for you," Medei said.