Holly Madison Can Relate to Duchess Kate's Morning Sickness

Holly Madison reveals to INSIDE EDITION that she experienced the same severe morning sickness that landed Duchess Kate in the hospital.

It is a message for Kate from someone who knows what she’s going through.

Holly Madison told INSIDE EDITION, “My advice is, ‘Hang in there. It’ll get better. It’s definitely debilitating when you’re hit witch a sickness like that.’”

Pregnant Madison, the former Playboy playmate and Dancing with the Stars contestant, was also just hospitalized with acute morning sickness.

“It’s a really heavy vomiting. It’s a really kind of drained feeling, because you are vomiting so much. You can’t really get up and do anything,” said Madison.

Madison was rushed to the nearest hospital in Las Vegas where she lives.

She tweeted a picture from her hospital bed. There was an IV attached to her arm to rehydrate her.

“It was a little bit scary, but after the IV and after the ultrasound to make sure everything was okay, they let me go. I’m okay so far, knock on wood,” said Madison.

Meanwhile, Royal watchers are buzzing about what accessories fashion conscious Kate might pick out.

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander went shopping at Giggle, an exclusive baby boutique in New York.

Princess Kate will certainly be able to spare no expense. So, a stroller from Bugaboo is a great option. It is $980. The newborn can lay down and be shielded from the paparazzi with the covering the stroller provides.

Should Kate have twins, she has had that morning sickness which is a good sign, Bugaboo offers an option perfect for two for $1,600, should she have multiples.

INSIDE EDITION also found a mini throne fit for a future king or queen. The highchair adjusts up or down, and can hold a newborn or a two-year-old. The price is $650, a princely sum.