A 22 Year Crush Turns Into Love

It’s said you never get over your first true love. Well, that couldn’t be more true for this man who had a 6th grade crush on a girl, but it took 22 years to marry her. INSIDE EDITION talks to the happy couple.

It is a love story that could have been written for the movies, only this is real.

Trevor has been madly in love with Cathy ever since he first saw her when they were both in the 6th grade. He was twelve, and she was eleven.

“I remember the first time I saw her I felt like I was in love with her,” Trevor told INSIDE EDITION.

The smitten school boy wrote Cathy a love letter. It was folded and addressed to Cathy. It read: "Urgent. Private." The headline read, “Don't let anyone read this.” Then Trevor's letter went on to read, "Dear Cathy, I still like you and I still want you to go out with me?”

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent, “Do you remember waiting?”

“It was agony. I remember it like yesterday. I saw her coming down hall excited,” said Trevor.

That afternoon, Trevor took Cathy to the movies to see The Adams Family.

Unfortunately, two weeks later the budding romance fizzled out.

“I dumped him,” said Cathy.

“She gave me the battle ax,” said Trevor.

Trent said, “You broke his heart."

“I did, in the middle of class,” said Cathy.
Trevor and Cathy went their separate ways, attending colleges in different cities.

“Did you continue to have a thing for her all those years?” asked Trent.

“Absolutey, yes,” said Trevor.

Two decades passed, as luck or love would have it. They both moved back home and got together to catch up on old times.  

“Was there any doubt in your mind you'd get the girl?” asked Trent.

“I pretty much had given up,” said Trevor.

Then cupid's arrow struck.

“We shared a faithful kiss. It was kind of by chance that neither of us were in relationships, and we came together and it was like, ‘Wow,’” said Trevor.

Six weeks ago, Cathy and Trevor got married in Pensacola, Florida, 22 years after Trevor wrote that love letter.

“The lesson is follow your heart,” said Trevor.

“He turned out to be the best kind of love,” said Cathy.

The couple is proof that sometimes your first love turns out to be true love.