Woman From Jay-Z's Subway Shares Her Brush With Hip-Hop Fame

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the woman who had discovered who Jay-Z is purely by chance in, of all places, the New York subway.

She's the kindly grandmother who had no idea she was sitting right next to superstar Jay-Z on the New York City subway. 67-year-old Ellen Grossman was on her way to meet a friend, Jay-Z was on his way to perform at a big concert.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent took a subway ride with Grossman and asked, "Jay-Z was sitting where?"

"Jay-Z found a nice, empty spot [next to me] and sat right there," said Grossman.

"So, one of the biggest stars in the world sits right beside you?" asked Trent.


But she didn't even recognize him.

Listening to their exchange, Jay-Z is sweet-tempered, even humble. You'd never think he's worth an estimated $460 million and is married to another mega-star, Beyonce.  

"My name is Jay, what's your name?"

"Ellen. What do you do?" said Grossman.

"I make music," said Jay-Z.

She still didn't have a clue who he was.

"I kind of stopped and said, 'What is your name again, just so I get it," said Grossman.

"Jay. Jay-Z."

"Oh, you're Jay-Z. I know about Jay-Z," said Grossman.

Trent asked, "Do you listen to Jay-Z?"

"Now I do," said Grossman.

A chance encounter between strangers on a train who had a lot more in common than you'd expect.