Controversy Over Zombie Demonstration at Homeland Security Summit

Some are crying foul over a zombie demonstration at Department of Homeland Security counter-terrorism summit. Did your tax dollars pay for it? INSIDE EDITION has the details.

America is going zombie crazy.

The cable series The Walking Dead is setting ratings records. Even Brad Pitt is getting in on the zombie craze with his upcoming movie, World War Z.

In a recent production, zombies are gunned down by U.S. soldiers. The zombies feast on flesh, and one zombie collapses with an ax in his chest.

But the production is not the latest zombie move. It was actually part of the training at a counter-terrorism summit.

Actors were hired to show law enforcement officials how to deal with reali life events, like a terrorist attack.

Now the Department of Homeland Security is being blasted in a new report on "misguided and wasteful spending."

"That's not an accurate statement and it's very misleading,” Brad Barker told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

Barker organized the summit through his company, The Halo Corporation.

Barker said, "This was a way to bring a bit of levity to a very serious issue, and allow us to blow off some steam. And give a nod to the fact that this event took place over Halloween."

Government employees who attended the five-day event were allowed to use grant money from Washington to pay the $1,000 registration fee. But, Barker is adamant that no taxpayer money was spent on the the zombie fest.

Trent asked, "Doesn't it seem a little flippant to have them out there battling zombies?"

"It's not flippant at all. That's not the intent. The intent is to get first responders to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate. And the zombie apocolypse was about 90 minutes of the entire week long event," said Barker.