Detroit Father Sentenced to Life In Prison For Daughter's Death

It was courtroom showdown when a convicted child killer mouthed off to the judge, and it was all recorded on camera. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a dramatic courtroom showdown between a convicted child killer, and the judge sentencing him to life in prison.

D'Andre Lane appeared in court in Detroit to be sentenced for the murder of his cute two-year-old daughter, Bianca.

The judge said, “You figured that a city plagued with violence understaffed by police who would care about the disappearance of your child, well you were wrong. You were wrong!” .

Lane kept talking as the judge was speaking.

“Mr Lane, I need you to be quiet or I will impose sentence with you in the lock-up,” she said.

Then she finally ran out of patience.

"Excuse me sir! The court is going to sentence you to the maximum mandatory life without parole,” she said.

Then, as he was being taken away to prison, Lane called the judge a liar and used her first name.

“You're lying. You know you're a liar, Vonda," Lane said.

"Bring him back out here,” she demanded.

Furious, Judge Vonda Evans had him hauled back into court, but he continued to mouth off.

“Excuse me don't address me as Vonda. Take him out of here! Take him out! Take him out!” she demanded.

It was an emotionally charged finale to a harrowing murder trial.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke to the Evans.

"That's certainly not something a judge is used to hearing," Trent said.

"Well, I've been a jury for sixteen years, and I can say that probably 90% of my defendents have thought that, but never said it," Evans replied.

Little Bianca’s body has never been found. Prosecutors alleged her father beat her to death for wetting her bed. He claims she was abducted in a carjacking.

Lane says he was driving on a road in the heart of Detroit when the driver of another car yelled at him that there was something wrong with his taillights. He says when he pulled over he was carjacked at gunpoint with his baby still in the back seat.

Police didn't believe his story, but Bianca’s mother still does.

“I believe my daughter was kidnapped. I believe she is out there and I believe I have to keep searching,” she said.

A jury found Lane guilty even without a body, setting the stage for that dramatic courtroom confrontation.